Lick the Silence, Merdre, Tokyo 08.10.17


artists talk, Tama Art University, Tokyo 03.07.2017

Decay Performance event Sunday 30.04.2017 Higure 17-15 cas, Tokyo - performance with Yui Nakamura

Two day Earth Observatory Array (EOA) workshop Saturday 29 April 11:00-19:00, Sunday 30 April 11:00-18:00 FREE, hosted by Higure 17-15cas details:
Part of Shift Register

artists talk, Tokyo Metropolitan University 13.04.2017

Ftarri performance, Tokyo, 25.03.2017 audio

MATTER FICTIONS exhibition, Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon 04.05 - 21.08.16

Even Salon: either/or, Apiary, 30.04.2016

Ftarri_Sakura Sakura_performance Ftarri Tokyo, with Hohi Ikeda, 10.04.2016

image:julien_ottaviresidency at APO33, Nantes, France 14-28.01.2016: workshop 20-21.01.2016; performance 28.01.16; installation 28.01-21.02.2016 documentation/howtos



2016 Rare Metal Martini in Even Salon: Anti-Natural

2015 The Crystal World in Experiencing the Unconventional - new materials of artists, eds. Adamatzky, A and Schubert-Minski, T. World Scientific. April 2015

2015 Pitch Drop, in Issue 4.2 / Continent, March 2015

2015 Stack, Frame, Heap, w. Martin Howse, in Plants, Androids, and Operators - A Post Media Handbook.pdf, Mute

2014 Pedunculated Fandango Mute article

2014 contributor to Proto-Tools 1, transcripts of Proto-Tools @ FlatTimeHouse

2013 Experimental Communication System w. Ryan Jordan in The Metamorphoses of the Virtual – 100 Years of Art and Freedom (p.35+)

2013 PhD Thesis: The Crystal World: Executing a new media materialism Univ. Westminster.pdf, British Library (194mb) July 2013

2012 The Crystal World, w. Martin Howse, Mute, London

2012 Decrystallization/Descristalização in Peixe Morto (Submidialogias)

2010 exquisite_code collaborative software novel, project_video

2008 xxxxx_peenemünde

2006 [the] xxxxx [reader]

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